Astronaut Apparel June 2018 Update - Holding Orbit

This month's update will be a bit short, but we are going to be ramping up in the coming months. GEN 1 products are still available, and the shirts are perfect for Saturdays in Summer. Use code SUMMER18 to receive 5% off your entire purchase! 

Whitepaper Development

We've made strides toward our business plan outline and whitepaper development in the past month. We're eager to share it with the community to receive feedback, but are still ironing out some of the details. Right now, I would say we are about 50% complete with the first draft. More to follow in the next month on that. 


We are definitely looking to do more with BAT, but in the meantime we are going to start social media campaigns to get the word out about us. We will run a limited amount of ads in the next few weeks and conduct analytics to see what works. 

Payment Options

We added the ability to pay for products using DGX Gold and Dai, stablecoins that could be crucial to the use of cryptocurrencies for commerce. These coins are less significantly volatile (some would even say... stable) than something like Bitcoin, which is subject to the whim of the markets. The mechanisms for which they remain relatively stable vary, but if people adopt these coins and are able to buy things with them, it's going to be a very cool to witness the decentralized economy grow. We will retain these coins and look to buy supplies with them in the future. Thanks to Request Network and the developers that allow for us to sell our products here on Shopify using their dApp!

Image: 2018 Request Network


I will be traveling for the next couple months, and I am currently in the beautiful state of Colorado, which has the USA's second-largest aerospace economy. Many aerospace companies are located here, and for good reason. I hope to participate in some space and blockchain events while I'm visiting!

Image: 2018

P.S. It's International Asteroid Day so check out and the Kick Asteroid Kickstarter from the Planetary Society to raise awareness of a potential threat and what we can do to mitigate or avert disaster. Pretty sure the dinosaurs did not have a space program! 

Image: 2012 Aaron Williams



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